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The Kangaroo Island Children's Services operate under a set of Policies and Procedures. Our policies and practices reflect our philosophy statement and determines what happens for management, staff, parent/guardians and children so consultation with parents and staff in developing policies is very thorough.

Building blocks

Policies and procedures are being continuously developed, reviewed and implemented to ensure that requirements around regulations and accreditation are met. The staff at KICS prides themself on providing high quality care and education across all services. The policies and procedures are documents for staff to ensure that there is fair and consistent practice and to provide guidance and support around decision making.

Policies provide us with guidelines to ensure we meet 'best practice'. They are also necessary to provide information regarding service practices for parents/guardians.

The following is a list of policies and procedures available.

Policy and Procedure

Site specific policies:

  • Sun protection
  • Healthy food and Nutrition
  • Responding to parent concerns
  • Financial
  • Staffing

Parent guide to raising a concern or complaint (click here to view, for more information click the link below)

We adhere to DECD Corporate policies, click on the link below to view these.

DECD required policies and procedures.

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