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Parenting KI

What's it all about?

Parenting KI was first established in 2004 by a group of volunteers and service providers who recognised the lack of services to meet parents and their families’ needs across the island. We were successful in an initial grant that was received through Family and Community Services.

Current funding is received under the Community Investment Program, through the Department of Families, Housing,Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. The Community Investment Program aims to help Australians participate in their community by providing non-proft organisations with the skills and capacity to deliver responsive and inegrated services that meet local community needs.

PKI is currently funded to assist children aged 0-12yrs at risk of disadvantage.

Like to get involved?

There is an open invitation to anyone interested in becoming a partner in this project. It may be sponsorship, your views, skills you can bring - anything!

For more information contact Kate Murray on 8553 2436 or 0428 825 906.


Our Logo

The ripple conveys the message that parenting does count and that it has far reaching effects both directly and within the broad community in which families live.

It brings an idea of connecting the many people involved in a child's life. These may be parents, caregivers, grandparents, healthworkers, educators, community organisations, playgroups...the list is endless.

Parenting KI

"Tell us how we can help your family."