Parent Information

Parental involvement across our services is strongly encouraged. We believe our services are enhanced and strengthened through the skills, knowledge and expertise that parents can bring.

We recognise that parents know their children best and rely on parents to provide us with information when their child first starts any of our services. This allows us to best meet their child's needs. Respect for different parenting beliefs and practices are paramount.

Feedback from parents about the programs developed, policies and development of the grounds is constantly being sought. This is done through formal meetings (eg Orientation, Governing Council, Grounds committee), through "Question of the week" and requesting feedback through newsletters.

Parents are able to visit their child at any time. They are encouraged to participate in the program - through providing ideas/suggestions or helping out with an experience their children are involved in. If parents would like to be involved in the day to day happenings of the service, their child is required to be the main focus of their participation and staff supervision is required. It is a requirement for a Criminal history check to be undertaken if the above conditions of working with children can not be met.