As a non-profit community based organisation, KICS relies on a volunteer parent committee (called the Governing Council) to manage the childcare and pre-school services offered. Parents who volunteer to be a member are participating in a valuable community service and are responsible for decisions around staffing, facilities, financial planning and policy making.

To help the Council run smoothly and to distribute the workload, sub committees are formed to carry out certain tasks- eg we have a Grounds and Fundraising Committee. Parents might choose to be involved on a sub-committee rather than the Governing Council.


All parents are invited to be part of this committee. At the AGM, a committee is formed of interested parents and from this committee office bearers of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are elected. All office bearers are well supported by the administration staff at KICS. Meetings occur on the first Monday evening of the month.

All parent committee volunteers are provided with relevant support and information, have an opportunity to be listened to and do not have excessive demands placed on their time. They are required to attend meetings regularly, abide by committee decisions, to understand and carry out the services philosophy and abide by the Volunteer and Parent Participation Policy.

All committee meetings are open to all parents, but only members of the Council can have a vote.

If you would like more information about becoming involved on the Governing Council please contact us.