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Under two's

Our goal for each child is to feel safe and secure and to build meaningful relationships with staff and their peers as they learn and develop to their potential in the developmental learning areas of 'thinking and communicating', 'self and social development' and 'physical development'.unders sandplay

We ensure that children feel safe and secure by:

  • Providing primary caregiving: whenever possible we have the same staff on duty on the same days each week
  • Tending to children's needs as soon as possible
  • Reassuring unsettled children that their parents will always come back
  • Providing safe play, sleep, nappy changing and eating areas which are always supervised and involve positive staff interactions
  • Providing lots of cuddles when children want them
  • Ensuring that each child has one on one time with staff each day
  • Staffing above the licensing requirements

The program:

The under two's program is play- based and provided in a stimulating, educational, nurturing environment. The program includes activities for individual children which are developed through observations taken by staff over several weeks. There is a balance of indoor and outdoor play included.

Some of the ways we include the areas of development:

Self and social development:

  • Ensuring the children are safe and secure enough to have trusting attachments with others
  • Develop an awareness of their own responses and those of others eg happy, sad
  • Children expressing their needs and having them met
  • Participating in self directed play
  • Learning to enjoy others company - talk, laugh, sing, play together


  • Providing a range of sensory experiences
  • Expose the children to a rich indoor and outdoor environment so they are able to develop both gross motor (sitting, crawling etc) and finer motor skills (eg posting, drawing)

Thinking and communicating:

  • Talking, singing, using lots of speech with the children
  • Role modelling speech - encourage imitation
  • Learning simple words to express desires and name objects
  • Providing a range of hands-on play experiences - including chances to express their creativity and imagination

Over twos'

The program is developed through observations of each child to discover their needs, their strengths and their interests. Children's voices are given a strong emphasis during the planning.

Tea parties

The daily routines provide the children with choices and opportunities to develop their self-help skills. A wide variety of activities are planned for indoors and outdoors. Children are able to make choices of what they are would like to do - this is facilitated by caring staff.

The children make the transition from toddlers to pre-schoolers while in this area. We work on the ever important development of social skills as well as early literacy and numeracy. Physical development is promoted in our planning for each child.


This program is funded by the SA Department for Education (DECD) and runs concurrently with long daycare.

Children are exposed to a rich curriculum. There is always a focus on developing social skills and literacy and numeracy as required by DECD. These are woven through a play based program. A term overview and fortnightly programs are developed. These consider the goals we aim for in our strategic plans, the children's interests and the local environment. Additionally individual learning plans that focus on a child's strengths and interests are developed and reviewed throughout their pre-school year.

Playing with cardboard

Parents are encouraged to provide information about their child and are welcome to contribute to the program. A sharing book that highlights the children's work, parent-teacher interviews and learning stories are some of the ways we are able to communicate with parents.

A transition program for the older children going to school ensures that when they start school they are familiar with the environment, their teacher and they feel supported and comfortable. Parents report that the transition to school is a very positive experience for their children.