Learning across all KICS services

Do children enjoy their time and experiences with us? We certainly feel they do. This is evidenced by children wanting to come to our services, by feeling happy and secure and by being challenged and supported in all they do.

KI Children's Services prides itself on providing high quality care and educational programs for all. We believe that our philosophy is reflected in all that we provide. Our philosophy is continuously reflected on to ensure our standards are maintained and that children and their families are being provided with what they require and what we believe is critical for young developing children.

Story time

The children are our first priority. Their interests and strengths are considered when planning for our play-based program. All services use the Early Years Learning Framework as our curriculum document. Staff recognise and practice quality interactions with the children. They understand the impact they have on a child's well-being and the child's involvement in the program being offered. Staff play with, talk to and respect and value the children to ensure relationships are strong.

Staff work very closely and co-operatively together. There is much interaction and involvement in planning for children across areas to ensure that transitions for children are smooth and that their learning is continuous.

Establishing strong relationships with our families is important. We encourage parents to have a voice about their child's learning and we act on any information provided. Parents' involvement in our program in welcomed and we love to see parents participate if they have a particular interest they are happy to share. Strong partnerships with parents are essential in a child's learning.

Art work

Each year staff, with the support and endorsement from parents, develop a Strategic Plan. There is a strong focus on children's learning and development and this ensures that upskilling and training for staff is continuous. Children are therefore exposed to knowledgeable staff with a sound understanding of the latest early childhood educational philosophies, thinking and practices.

Providing the children with rich learning inside and outside environments are an essential feature of our services. Considerable attention is given to the physical settings and these are changed and developed regularly for ongoing interest and involvement.

Our budget reflects our commitment to children's learning. Each year considerable funds are allocated to increasing children's resources, to outdoor upgrades for the children, to supporting and training staff in their involvement with the children and to ensure that our facilities are safe and stimulating.