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Childcare Benefit (CCB)

All of our services are childcare benefit approved and we comply with the legislated conditions, eligibility rules and agreements.

Childcare benefit assists families with the cost of child care.

To be eligible for childcare benefit one or both parents or guardians must:

  • meet Australian residency requirements and
  • have a child attending care in an Australian Government -approved childcare service and be liable to pay for this care and
  • comply with immunisation requirements.
  • foster families who meet the eligibility criteria are also able to claim the benefit
  • assistance is available for grandparents who are receiving an income support payment and have primary care for raising and caring for their grandchild/ren. This assistance is known as Grandparent Childcare Benefit.

To apply for childcare benefit:

  • Contact Family assistance office on 13 61 50.
  • For the fee reduction method you will need to estimate your income. It may take up to 2-3 weeks before your childcare provider is notified of your benefit. During this time you will be asked to pay full fees which will be adjusted upon receipt of your benefit notification.
  • If paying full fees and then claiming a lump sum at the end of the financial year you will need to notify KICS before commencement of care. You will need to request customer reference numbers from the Family Assistance office which you will then supply to KICS and this will enable you to make a claim for a lump sum payment of childcare benefit. At the end of the financial year you will need to contact the Family Assistance office for a "Claim for a lump sum payment of CCB" form.

If receiving fee reduction:

  • At any time that you have a change in your circumstances, such as income, address, number of children using care and reason for using/seeking care you should contact Family Assistance office so they can check your entitlement. At the end of the financial year reconciliation is performed, repayment or recovery of the relevant amounts will happen at this time.
  • If you have children using care in another service it is important that you notify your childcare provider as it may mean you are entitled to a higher CCB percentage.


Please note you do not have to be working to be eligible for CCB. There are many reasons why families choose to use childcare. If it is for non-work related purposes Family assistance office will probably approve you for 24 hrs of CCB per child per week. If it is work related your approval will be 50hrs per child per week. You do not have to use care for all of these hours but if you use more than what you have been approved for you will have to pay the full fee for the hours you have used over your approval.

If you are using care for work, study or training related reasons you may be eligible for the 50% Childcare rebate. Up to $7500 per year for each child may be claimed directly off your fees weekly, or quarterly and annual lump claims maybe made.

For information on childcare benefit or child care rebate contact Family Assistance office on: 13 61 50

A childcare benefit and childcare rebate estimator is available at:

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