Context Statement

1. General information

Centre name: Kangaroo Island Childrens Services 5625

Director :Hayley Perry
50 Buller Street, Kingcote 5223
Ph: 08 85532436
Fax: 08:85532483

DECD Partnership: Kangaroo Island

Geographical location: Kangaroo Island is situated approx 180 kms south of Adelaide. It is separated from the mainland by 18 kms of water. Kangaroo Island Children’s Services is an integrated service. Our main site is in Kingscote and we have 2 outreach childcare services based at Penneshaw Kindergarten and Kingscote campus. Additionally we have a community run Toy Library program based at Kingscote and a Parenting program funded through DSS.

Pre-school numbers usually fluctuate between 30 to 45; childcare at our main site of Kingscote average FTE of 25 to 30; Penneshaw long daycare outreach has an average FTE of 5 to 10; OSHC services vary with up to 20 places.

We offer sessional pre-school with lunch time care, pre-school support program, long daycare, After School care, Vacation care and playgroup. Our parenting program supports playgroup, offers a family support program through volunteers and provides a training program for parents.

2. Philosophy

Enriching Life’s Journey
The Kangaroo Island Children’s Services philosophy has been developed in the context of Kangaroo Island’s   uniqueness as a community characterised by close relationships, natural beauty and geographic isolation.
Our aim is to provide the highest quality education and care for all children, which involves developing relationships with others based on trust, understanding, respect and integrity, within a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment.
Parents are recognised as the children’s first educators; therefore we strive to have strong, respectful and positive partnerships between families and staff that recognise and respect everyone’s diverse backgrounds, skills and knowledge. These partnerships encourage all participants to be involved in decision making, including Governing Council and to learn from each other.
We encourage the children to develop responsibility for themselves, the environment and the community. This is fostered through partnerships with other sectors of the education, health and general community of Kangaroo Island.
These community partnerships will maximise the use of existing resources and skills on Kangaroo Island and assist in consolidating networks globally.
Children are at the centre of KICS and the relationships between each staff member and child is built on a deep understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework/My time, our place, an understanding of the child in the context of their family, culture & community and an understanding of the child as a special individual with unique dispositions, strengths and interests.
Our committed staff are involved in regular training to ensure they can provide an active and engaging learning environment that supports children to learn through play and play to learn.
This culture of learning encompasses the needs and support of all children, staff and families, with a focus on reflection, continuous improvement and intentional teaching.
Being an Island in a global world means ensuring that all children develop the skills and confidence to be able to explore and discover. By providing stimulating experiences, children will be passionately involved in problem solving, creating, thinking, questioning, growing and learning.

3. Curriculum

The National Early Years Learning Framework has been the guide for Curriculum Planning since 2010 for Preschool and Day Care. We offer a play based curriculum, building on children's interests and strengths.

Our programs reflect our learning priorities for the year.

Our Quality Improvement Plan provides all services with the following Key Directions

  • Each child’s learning and development is assessed as part of an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating children’s learning.
  • Planning for Children’s learning incorporates critical and deep level thinking.
  • All staff in all services have systems in place to ensure the Early Years planning cycle is understood and used
  • Families have the opportunity to provide input into curriculum decision making
  • All curriculum staff participate in regular individual and group reflection and evaluation of children’s learning to inform planning
  • Links with relevant community and support agencies are established and maintained

4. Centre Based Staff

Preschool: Level 4 Director 1.0;  Pre-school teacher 0.6; pre-school ECW 0.5 plus additional support for children with additional needs.

Childcare: Full time Assistant Director; 1 full-time CSE; 4 part time CSE; 24 casual CSE across the services

Administration staff: 1.00 fulltime + 4 part-time

Parenting KI: part time on-site co-ordinator

We work closely with a range of services on the island (eg Community Health, Child and Youth Health) and the mainland (eg Inclusive Directions and DECD Student support) and have a strong relationship with the local school.
We support a number of staff studying. There is an emphasis on collegiality, team work and support for all.

Performance Management Program:
Regular, formal meetings with goal setting that reflects staff's individual needs and the priorities of our service occur. Working to provide high quality services is expected of all staff.
Staff are encouraged to attend regular staff meetings and training. They are paid for their attendance at staff meetings and team training and are financially supported to attend ‘off island’ training.

5. Centre Facilities

Our main site at Kingscote is a purpose built early years education centre owned by DECD that was opened in 1996. It is a light, airy and open plan area with no walls to divide the babies from the over 2’s or the kindy children. Staff and children work well together across all areas and support and use the space efficiently. Kingscote is a 66 place centre with children from 6 months to school age. When pre-school is not operating we can have up to 66 child care children. Our outdoor area is a big, well designed and spacious area, with a separate babies yard.
Our Penneshaw LDC operates from the kindergarten. The hours are currently under review. There is strong support for the childcare service from the Penneshaw Kindergarten Governing Council who recognises the need for this service in the community.
Our OSHC Service operates out of the Kingscote School campus. We have a joint use agreement for the space and have ongoing support from the Kangaroo Island Community Education Leadership Team and Governing Council.
Kangaroo Island Children’s Services (KICS) is run by a parent body, called the Governing Council. This parent body is elected annually and is made up of parents who have children in childcare or kindy. They work under 2 Constitutions. This is a requirement as the employing body for all staff employed under the Child Care Award, the Clerk Award and the SACS Award.
Parents are invited and encouraged to be a part of the program or contribute voluntarily. We have a committed team of parents for our Governing Council and a number of parents who participate when able. Very close relationships have been established with all families who use our services and we work hard to maintain these.

6. Local Community

Kingscote is the main town on the island. As well as a school campus, it has a medical clinic, hospital, a range of other services and shopping facilities. The island has a number of other smaller towns with a campus of the Kangaroo Island Community Education based at Parndana and Penneshaw.
The main industries are agriculture and tourism. KI is well recognised for having a unique environment that has pockets of untouched flora and fauna. The National Parks on the island are considered world tourist attractions and are a drawcard to many tourists throughout the year.
The island has a reliable ferry service that leaves from Cape Jervis and arrives in Penneshaw. There is also reliable air service that operates from the Adelaide Airport to the Kingscote Airport, which is 10 minutes from Kingscote.
Sport is an important part of many people's life on the island. Football and netball during winter and tennis, cricket and basketball during the summer are the main sports. However, there are also other clubs including softball, calisthenics, bowls, squash, go-carts, table tennis, team sailing, 8-ball, walking, gardening and Flora and Fauna.
The Kangaroo Island Council is responsible for governance across the whole island. Their contact number is 85532015

7. Further Comments

KICS endeavours to keep a high profile in the community and enjoys having a solid reputation as being a provider of high quality education and care in all services across the island.

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